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Our Training Modules

Foundation Training Program

From TDD, refactoring, software design, and modular architecture to enhancing collaboration and technical communication, this training path is the cornerstone of our professional development efforts, equipping engineers with essential skills to be effective in modern, top-performing teams. This accelerates ideation to production, enabling Continuous Deployment, effective teams collaboration, and dramaticlly improves dev teams' productivity metrics.

The "Foundation Training Program" is our signature masterclass structured in three evolving modules: Walking, Running, and Flying.

Advanced Modules

The "Legacy Code Renovation" course offers a deep dive into revitalizing outdated code with advanced refactoring techniques, ensuring testability through practical, real-world exercises. Highly suggested for teams that want to follow up after the Foundation Training with the need to improve their existing systems which have no tests.

Meanwhile, the "Beyond Architecture" module has been designed to expand your horizons from micro to macro-architecture, blending system modularization, effective communication, Lean principles, strategic Domain-Driven Design, and Systems Thinking. This is an advanced module open to a broader audience, not only for software developers and architects. The ideas explained are essential for non-technical managers and any decision maker in the IT space of your organization.

The 3 Pillars of Our Training
Technical Skills

Software, by its very nature, is ever-evolving. New features introduce new variables, and with them, the potential for bugs.

The idea then is not to aim for an unattainable perfection but to foster an environment where bugs are caught early, dealt with efficiently, and learned from rigorously.

It's about cultivating a culture of excellence, continuous improvement, and resilience.

While "Zero Bugs" might remain a North star we never quite reach, the journey towards it ensures technical skills are constantly being honed, processes refined, and products enhanced.

Product & Delivery

Business Alignment is about ensuring that every line of code, every feature, and every sprint directly contributes to the overarching goals of the business.

It's the holy grail of IT – creating software that not only works but works in a way that propels the business forward.

It requires a level of transparency and collaboration that can be uncomfortable but is ultimately transformative.

By focusing on aligning products and delivery with business objectives, teams are compelled to break out of their silos, think beyond code, and consider the impact of their work on the customer and the bottom line.

People & Culture

Investing in your team's growth means recognizing that the development of technical skills and soft skills alike is essential for navigating the complexities of today's IT landscape.

It's about preparing your people not just for the challenges of today but for the uncertainties of tomorrow.

In this light, cultivating a learning culture is not just about skill acquisition but about shaping a mindset that values growth, collaboration, and curiosity.

Yes, it's a tall order, especially in an industry that too often prioritizes quick results over long-term investment. But the payoff? A more dynamic, capable, and engaged team ready to tackle whatever new crisis or opportunity!

Innovative Training Experience
Innovative training experience
  • Lightweight theory delivered by international speakers
  • Collaborative exercises and discussions on Miro boards
  • Hands-on practice together as a team with Mob Programming
  • Discover new ways to solve old code problems brilliantly
The Secret Ingredient
of Digital Success
Effective communication
  • Junior Developers will use professional technical communication to express their ideas
  • Senior Developers will develop their mentoring and leadership skills
  • The teams will embrace collaborative problem-solving
  • The organization will benefit from a continuous learning mindset
  • The enthusiasm generated will be contagious and it will attract the best talents