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Technical Skills
Product & Delivery
People & Culture
Alcor Academy's testimonial Pascal Erni
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The productivity of software engineers is not linear to their skills' level. As the competence level approaches mastery, the productivity becomes exponential. With Alcor Academy we found a structured way to improve the competence level of all our engineering teams.

Alcor Academy testimonial from CSS CH
Pascal Erni
Director of Software Engineering
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A successful change starts from the people...

Are your teams equipped for the future?

Top 3 problems

for Technical Leaders

No defective products
Defective products
No slow time to market
Slow time to market
No unhappy engineers
Unhappy engineers


Alcor Academy

We are software crafters, entrepreneurs, award winning authors, international public speakers and technical coaches with half a century of combined professional experience.

Our mission is to help CTOs & Technical Leaders to promote a Culture of Excellence through our Innovative Socio-Technical Training on Advanced Engineering Practices.

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The 3 pillars of our training

to reach Engineering Excellence

training pillar - Technical skills
Technical Skills
training pillar - Product and Delivery
Product & Delivery
training pillar - People and Culture
People & Culture


Training Experience

Innovative training experience
  • The theory delivered by international speakers
  • Lots of collaborative exercises on Miro boards
  • Practice together as a team with Mob/Ensemble programming
Alcor Academy's testimonial Teri Frith

You created a super-safe environment and an amazing learning experience with on-line mob programming live.
I can see why everybody falls in love with your training!

training from the back of the room
TBR and TBR-VE Certified Trainer
Bournemouth (UK)


Award Winning Book


in 3 steps

Walking step - Alcor Academy structured training programme


Technical Skills

High automation foundations

Running step - Alcor Academy structured training programme


Product & Delivery

Modular design & architecture

Flying step - Alcor Academy structured training programme


People & Culture

Business focused development

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Structured Training Programme


of Digital Success

Effective communication
  • Junior Developers will use professional technical communication to express their ideas
  • Senior Developers will develop their mentoring and leadership skills
  • The teams will embrace collaborative problem solving
  • The organization will benefit from a continuous learning mindset
  • The enthusiasm generated will be contagious and it will attract the best talents