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delta force

The Delta Force team offers rapid, remote support for companies facing challenges in measuring developers' productivity, team assessments, hiring, legacy code, project kick-offs, and architecture reviews.

Through hands-on coaching led by field experts, this service swiftly addresses critical areas to enhance team performance and project success. Available on demand.

Our Hands-on Services
Dev Productivity Metrics

Problem solved. Without clear objectives, companies wander. OKRs and DORA metrics offer dev teams precise performance indicators, turning aimless efforts into targeted success. It's the difference between shooting in the dark and using a laser-sighted rifle.

Dev Teams Assessment

Problem solved. Teams vary greatly; some excel, others lag. Regular assessments prevent complacency by making teams face their flaws, encouraging constant improvement and updated knowledge.

Hiring & Selection

Problem solved. We combat productivity's enemies — incompetence and under-performance — by hiring only top talent and removing unnecessary burdens. This keeps the teams lean, focused, and effective.

Legacy Code Rescue

Problem solved. Legacy systems, often seen as resource drains, hold valuable, battle-tested insights. Addressing legacy issues balances the preservation of these insights with the benefits of modernization, ensuring strategic resource allocation.

New Projects Kick-Off

Problem solved. A well-executed kick-off aligns teams towards a common goal, minimizing time on irrelevant tasks. Techniques like Eventstorming and the Walking Skeleton set a solid foundation, ensuring everyone starts strong and stays on course.

Architecture & Code Review

Problem solved. These reviews stop software from becoming a technical debt time bomb, ensuring builds are solid and scalable. Expert early evaluations save time and money, preventing future firefighting.

How we deliver it

Collaborative Sessions Packages

Choose from 10 or 20 half-day collaborative sessions to get started. Our approach begins with a comprehensive initial assessment lasting at least a couple of half-days, ensuring we understand your unique requirements and objectives.

From there, we offer adaptable long-term engagement plans, allowing you to customize the duration and intensity of our support according to your evolving needs and project scope.

Expert guidance anywhere, anytime

Our elite practitioners offer real-time, remote coaching to refine your development processes, identifying inefficiencies and improvement areas. This model ensures anytime access to expert advice, overcoming logistical barriers, fostering team autonomy, and mastery.

Technical mastery and collaborative execution

Our coaches prioritize technical excellence, transforming your team to tackle complex challenges confidently. Using agile methods like mob programming, we leverage your team's diverse knowledge for collaborative solutions, fostering unity and reducing turnover for a more stable, efficient development process.

The fastest path to business growth

Alcor Delta Force boosts business growth by enhancing development practices to significantly reduce lead times and defects. We eliminate inefficiencies and align efforts with market demands, fine-tuning your software development to deliver value efficiently.