This is how it all started
Alcor Academy
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We have been there before,

we have seen it all.

We have been in the software industry for decades. We worked for startups as well as big corporations. We worked as employees, consultants, freelancers, and now as entrepreneurs.

Deadlines, budget cuts, delays, integration nightmares, bugs in production, long manual releases, continuous fire-fighting, team morale swinging like a rollercoaster.

Delivering software is a difficult business: complexity at scale is tough to tame.

We know how hard it is
Technical Excellence
was the game-changer

We left

  • working late at nights
  • long stressful releases
  • false harmony
  • cryptic code gatekeeping
  • fire-fighting coding heroes
  • big-bang releases

We found

  • sustainable pace
  • focus on the mission
  • open collaboration
  • high-quality code
  • collective ownership
  • quick fact-based feedback

We met in the software community,

we still give back to the community.

We are passionate about software development — it's at the core of everything we do. We also believe that the best way to excel in this field is to learn together with like-minded people. That's why we have been active in the software development community, and it was only a matter of time before we bumped into each other.

Our engagement in the software development circle has been invaluable in our growth. Through years of active participation, we've learned immensely and now, we're giving back. We teach, organize meetups, and speak at conferences to nurture a community of dedicated professionals and enthusiastic engineers from all over the World.

We wrote a book together,

because unity is strength!

When Pedro Santos proposed we write a book based on experiences, our response was an enthusiastic "Hell, Yes!". We've distilled the practices that have shaped our careers, guided by our principles and values, into our book "Agile Technical Practices Distilled".
It's designed to be the definitive reference for essential skills every modern developer should master. This is the book we wish we had decades ago when we started our profession.

We founded Alcor Academy
to promote sustainable, high-quality software

Following the success of our book and the great feedback about our coaching, we decided to transform it into a comprehensive, structured training program for teams at scale.

Our learning path's experience, refined through years of application and instruction, emphasizes a pragmatic, collaborative, and results-driven approach that avoids unnecessary complexity and theoretical preaching. Read more about our mission

Meet our founders

Marco Consolaro

Co-founder, coach & trainer

Marco's path in the world of coding began at the age of nine, with a Commodore and the Basic language sparking what would become a lifelong passion. Over the last two decades, he has been helping customers in Italy, the UK, and recently all over Europe, integrating principles from eXtreme Programming, Agile methodologies, Lean, Domain-Driven Design, Complexity, and Systems Thinking.

Wearing any possible hat – from junior dev to CEO, he is continuously learning, and believes that evolutionary approaches based on trust, transparency, self-organization, and rapid feedback loops are the way forward for any team working on high knowledge domains.

Overall Marco describes himself as a systems thinker, a philosopher, and a symmathecist - all peppered with his Venetian wit.

Alessandro Di Gioia

Co-founder, coach & trainer

Alessandro is a software crafter with over two decades of experience. His journey spans diverse organizational landscapes, from dynamic start-ups to robust multinational corporations. His expertise has been pivotal in driving technical excellence for his customers' teams in London (UK), Norway, and Italy.

A crucial moment in his career was in 2006 when he embraced eXtreme Programming. Alessandro is adept in Object-Oriented and Functional programming paradigms, showcasing his versatility in various technological approaches, with a special focus on scalable distributed asynchronous systems.
He is renowned for his advocacy for clear ('obvious' - he often says), concise and well-designed code. He possesses an exceptional skill in enhancing and refining complex legacy systems.