Our Mission
Advance Society through Collaborative, High-Quality Software Engineering
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We are named after a star!

Alcor, the star observed by Galileo Galilei through his telescope, was part of his quest to demonstrate that the Earth orbits the Sun. Although initially he didn't find the proof he sought, his critical thinking and observations sparked what we now call the 'scientific revolution' during the Renaissance.

Inspired by this spirit of inquiry, our name honours this legacy of enlightenment. We believe embracing this approach is essential for the continued advancement of humanity.

We found our True North

following our passion

Alcor, situated near the Ursa Major constellation — a beacon pointing north — symbolizes our guiding principle.
Driven by our passion for collaborative, high-quality software development, we have dedicated ourselves to sharing our extensive, hands-on experience with fellow professionals. We strive to maintain this True North in all our endeavors.

Our logo, depicting a starship lifting humanity both technically and spiritually, represents our commitment to elevating skills and spirits, mirroring our journey toward the stars.

We are not alone

Sharing knowledge matters

Galileo was not alone in his scientific pursuits; he was part of a vibrant community of researchers dedicated to uncovering the truths of the Universe.

Together, they embraced a method of meticulous observation and experimentation, sharing their discoveries to collectively advance their knowledge — a foundation that remains robust today.

Similarly, we nurture a community of passionate developers eager to exchange ideas and insights.

We want to have an impact

to improve people's lives

Our training, publications, and all our efforts stem from a deep passion. Inspired by Galileo's approach, we apply his methods to modern socio-technical teams in high-knowledge environments, fostering more effective and engaging work methods.

We view Lean, Agile, XP, DDD, and other methodologies as mere tools — no dogmas, no hype — just a sincere desire to solve problems efficiently, reducing future challenges.

We aim to collectively improve software development, enhance organizations, and positively impact the World. We strive for win-win scenarios and steer clear of zero-sum games.

It all begins from

learning together

There's no silver bullet solution in high-knowledge work. However, by fostering environments rich in trust, motivation, and meaningful dialogue, we cultivate a culture of continuous learning. Collaborative learning is key to exceptional teamwork, which in turn drives superior results.

Our unique strength lies in our ability to bring groups together, growing their collaborative skills alongside their technical abilities.

From "Agile Technical Practices Distilled":

" Sharing knowledge, understanding and ideas has been the real enabling point for the holistic progress of human civilization.

That’s why we think that knowledge is one of the most precious collective things we have as social beings. So, foster it, share it and expand it with new ideas. It’s one of the highest purposes we can think of.

Being able to genuinely enjoy this process of appreciating and sharing immaterial things is what makes the real difference in software development, in organizations and in life."

— Pedro M. Santos, Marco Consolaro, Alessandro Di Gioia