Passion is the genesis of genius.

— Galileo Galilei


Alcor is one of the stars Galileo Galilei observed with his telescope in the attempt to prove Earth orbits the Sun. Despite the correctness of his intuition, he couldn’t achieve the proof he wanted because of the distance from Earth.

Yet critical thinking and observations triggered the “scientific revolution” in Renaissance period and still are (or should be) the cornerstone of modern science.

We value the community

However, Galileo Galilei wasn’t a loner in his study. He was part of a community of researchers joining their forces for finding the truth about how the Universe works. They adopted a method based on detailed observation of reality via experimentation, sharing discoveries among them. As a result they evolved a knowledge base considered still valid today.

Inspired by this way of working, we are active members of the wider software development community where we often share our knowledge.

We love what we do

Our award winning book “Agile Technical Practices Distilled” and our coaching programme are ultimately the outcome of the passion for what we do.

Furthermore, we believe that applying Galileo’s methodology to socio-technical development teams enables more effective (and engaging) ways to work.

Hence, we ultimately consider Lean, Agile and other (more or less technical) methodologies just as tools functional to a goal. No dogmas.

We change the culture

Certainly, there is no silver bullet in knowledge work.  But you can create healthy environments where motivation, reflective conversations and understanding of Systems’ complexity enable a continuous learning culture.

As Patrick Lencioni said, “when team members trust each other and know that everyone is capable of admitting when they’re wrong, then conflict becomes nothing more than the pursuit of truth or the best possible answer.”

We share knowledge

Sharing knowledge to reach a common understanding of the principles and values we presented in our publication has always had a tremendous impact in helping development teams to find consensus more harmoniously.

In fact, our book is a complementary resource we give to all participants (in digital form) as we use it as a reference manual to support the training. 

Sharing knowledge, understanding and ideas has been the real enabling point for the holistic progress of human civilization. That’s why we think that knowledge is one of the most precious collective things we have as social beings. So, foster it, share it and expand it with new ideas. It’s one of the highest purposes we can think of. Being able to genuinely enjoy this process of appreciating and sharing immaterial things is what makes the real difference in software development, in organizations and in life.

Agile Technical Practices Distilled

 Pedro M. Santos, Marco Consolaro, Alessandro Di Gioia