Alcor Academy training programme in mob programming

Marco is an excellent and engaging communicator.

Aghudum, Senior Software Engineer


Marco learned to code on a Commodore in the 80’s, when he was nine years old. He graduated in Computer Science at Venice University on 2001 and he has been working in software development teams ever since, either in Italy and the UK.

Wearing any possible hat – from junior dev to CEO, he is continuously learning and believes that iterative approaches based on trust, transparency, self-organization and rapid feedback loops are the way forward for any team working on high knowledge domains.

Overall Marco describes himself as a Systems thinker and designer and is always up for some Venetian joke.


In the past 18 years Alessandro has helped organisations (from small start-ups to large enterprises) to embrace Agile technical practices, working in Italy, Norway and recently in London, UK.

He is a practitioner of eXtreme Programming (XP), therefore he likes concise, expressive, readable code in either object-oriented or functional style. He is always looking for better ways of designing asynchronous distributed architectures.

Although Alessandro considers himself a forever learner, he is also a coach and a mentor because he loves to share his experience.

Alcor Academy training programme in mob programming

Alessandro will dramatically improve any company he works for.

Pat, Senior Cloud Engineer


Agile Technical Practices Distilled

Pedro M. Santos, Marco Consolaro, Alessandro Di Gioia

In "Agile Technical Practices Distilled", we touch on all the principles we consider most important to master software design.

All too aware that in our profession, too much detail can obscure the ability to learn, we have carefully selected our topics of focus.

You’ll learn individual practices (namely, XP practices like TDD, refactoring, pair programming, simple design, and more) in a step-by-step journey.

That’s totally the best book about agile, sociotechnical architecture, extreme programming etc I’ve ever read. I highly recommend it to anyone who identifies with Software Craftsmanship culture.


Marco speaking about bounded rationality and teams at DDD Europe, Amsterdam

Marco speaking about Connascence at Conference Agile Spain, Barcelona

Marco speaking about bounded rationality and changing the culture at KanDDDinsky, Berlin

Alessandro and Marco delivering the workshop

Alessandro and Marco presenting the workshop “Outside-in development guided by tests” at DDD Europe 2020, Amsterdam.