Outside-in development guided by tests


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Hands on workshop where we will guide participants to implement and design software from the business perspective with tests that won’t get in the way.

Starting from some requirements and the acceptance criteria, we will write one acceptance test driving the outer loop of our ATDD suite. We will then use it as feedback for the progress of the implementation of the feature until it is completed.

This is a technique that includes elements of ATDD (London school) , BDD, classic TDD, Domain Driven Design and it is ideal for expanding the functionality of the system incrementally, in harmony with business folks.

Outside-in development guided by tests
Delivery typeWorkshop
Duration1 Day
Location100% online or on premises
FormatSlides and hands-on coding
Coding stylePair programming
Programming languageAny (see notes)
NotesThis is a very hands-on session. The group will be organised to write code in pair programming, so participants should have a laptop prepared with their chosen development environment, a unit testing framework and optionally a mocking framework.